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Céline’s 10 Tricky Situations Translators Might Find Themselves In and How To Get Out of Them

Céline’s 10 Tricky Situations Translators Might Find Themselves In and How To Get Out of Them. 1. “We’ve a got a huge project coming in next week. Make sure you don’t take on any work in the meantime.”
If you haven’t received a purchase order specifying timescales, wordcount and price, do take work in the meantime. A lot of projects get delayed and even cancelled, and you might find yourself twiddling your thumbs and regretting turning down other jobs. 2. “You need to take a free test so we can make sure we want to work with you.”
If you’ve got experience and credentials (nevermind references), surely this demonstrates that you are a seasoned professional who can be trusted to do a good job. If you’re a beginner, be careful. What some unscrupulous agencies might mean is “Do a section of this for free, we’ll put it together with all the other “tests” we’ve sent round and voilà! Our project is done for free”. However, don’t dismiss all tests that agencies may ask you to do. I agreed to…

إصلاح الأمم المتحدة.. من إقطاع دولي إلى ديمقراطية دوليةUN Reform…from International Feudalism to International Democracy

Company & Product Names: Should You Translate Them كيف تفعل عند ترجمة أسماء الشركات أو المنتجات


Company & Product Names: Should You Translate Them
To translate, or not to translate, a company or product name? Lots of translators face this question. In fact, there are 1,560 threads on about translating proper nouns. If you, as a linguist or a translation project manager, are working on a relatively large project, most likely the answer is already in your translation style guidelines. However, not all projects have the answer ready when you start working on them. If you are in that situation, here are some tips you might find useful. *Plus, stay to the end and share your solution in our poll! Research it first It’s the most basic of the basics, but check on the internet. Look for the official translation on the client’s website. If they have their company/product names translated into your target language and it’s published on their website, you should use the existing tra…

ختطاف رجل ميت.. رحيل الشاعر حبيب الزيودي The kidnapping of a dead man…Poet Habeeb Al-Zuyudi passes