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I admit أعترف

I admit, أعترف I was afraid to love. إني كنت أخشى الحُب Not just love, but to love her. ليس فقط حبها هي... For she was a stunning mystery. ليس لأنها كانت غموض مذهل.. She carried things deep inside her that no one has yet to understand, بل لأنها كانت تحمل في داخلها أمور لم يدركها أحد بعد... and I, I was afraid to fail, like the others. وانا كنت أخشى السقوط فيها كالآخرين.. She was the ocean and i was just a boy who loved the waves but was completely terrified to swim. كانت بحراً غائر الأعماق، وأنا مجرد فتى يهوى الامواج لكن لا يطيق العوم... Testy McTesterson ترجمتي.. أحمد الخطيب

نموذج عقد ما بين مترجم وناشر لترجمة عمل أدبي

A Model Contract Agreement made this day [date] between [translator’s name], (“Translator”), and [ publisher’s name], (“Publisher”) concerning a translation (the “Translation”) of [name of work] (the “Work”) by [author’s name] (the “Author”). 1. The Translator will translate the Work from [original language] into English and will deliver the Translation to the Publisher on or before [date]. 2. Publisher agrees not to make any changes to the final approved version of the Translation except for copy-editing to conform with Publisher’s standard style and punctuation, spelling and capitalization. Publisher will send Translator the copy-edited manuscript of the Translation and Translator agrees to provide any revisions or corrections within [X] weeks of receipt. 3. The Translator represents and warrants to the Publisher that no material of an objectionable or libelous character not present in the original work will be introduced into the translation. Subject to this representation,